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The Department of Social Science
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          The Department of Social Science of Tongren University grew out of the Office of Teaching and Research of Marxism and Leninism which was set up after the integration of Tongren Teachers College and Tongren Education Institute in 1993.In 2006, the Office of Teaching and Research of Marxism and Leninism was renamed as The Department of Social Science is a section of teaching ideological and political theories锛宼aking up the task of systematic education of Marxist Theory and education in Ideology and Politics aiming at college students.According to the 2005 New Course Scheme of the course of Theory on Ideology and Politics as well as teh related requirement of Gui Zhou education department., the Department of Social Science set up 4 sections,that is, Section of Introduction to the Fundamental Principles of Marxism,  Section of  introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Section of Outline of Modern Chinese History; Section of ideological and moral cultivation and the basic theories of law.
           Our department has 10 part-time teachers and 23 full-time teachers,2 of whom are doctors and16 of whom are masters.11 full-time teachers have senior professional titles and 12 full-time teachers have  intermediate professional titles.Our faculty is not only a teaching  team with excellent political quality, scientific research ability, good  teaching effect and reasonable academic structure, professional  structure and age structure, but also a united,enterprising, dedicated and hard-working teaching section锛宖ully suitable for development  direction of university education.

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