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Wujiang School
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Wujiang School of Agricultural and Forestry Economy is a second-level characteristic school jointly established by Tongren University and the People's Government of Dejiang County. It is a characteristic second-level university established by Tongren University in response to the Decision of the State Council to Expedite Development of Modern Vocational Education and the important instruction spirit of President Xi, in an ultimate effort to build a modern applied technical university that meets the need of people, push forward the transformation development of the University, fully utilize the excellent resources in the region, promote in-depth integration of production and education, cultivate applied technical talents and facilitate the local industrial development.

Wujiang School adopts the cooperative running mode in which "the University assumes the main responsibility and the county government provides support to jointly cultivate talents". Tongren University is responsible for connotation construction, including enrollment, disciplinary and specialty, teaching staff, teaching management and scientific research. The county government is responsible for condition provision, including school running facilities, instrument and equipment for use of teaching and scientific research and practice and training base. The two will make joint efforts to facilitate development of local society, economy and industry, and cultivate applied technical patents that meet the need of local economic and social development. It also serves as a practical training base of teaching and scientific research, and a demonstration center of integration of education and production that are closely related to the local economic and social development.

Wujiang School of Agricultural and Forestry Economy is located in Chengnan New Area of Dejiang County, and covers an area of more than 300mu. The Campus has a appealing view, with complete facilities and equipment and is an ideal place for learning and living.