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 Name: Hong Jun
 Position: Dean
 In charge of: chairing administrative work of the School; leading preparation of plannings for teaching, scientific research, specialty setting, disciplinary building, lab building, teaching staff building and etc., and the semester work plan. Be responsible for foreign affairs, comprehensive coordination, personnel arrangement and management of the General Department, allocation and review of funding, and organization of training and further education of teachers

Name: Liu Deping
 Position: CPC committee secretary
 In charge of: The CPC affairs of the School; be fully responsible for the CPC affairs, CPC building, student management, enrollment and employment, Youth League general branch, unions and the ideological and political work of teaching and administrative staff and construction of a clean government, and presiding over the CPC affairs work meeting. In charge of the work of the General Department and the CPC affairs In charge of work of the CPC affairs as well as work of labor union and Youth League general branch. In charge of the Party affairs of the School.

Name: Hu Hui
 Position: CPC deputy secretary and vice dean
 In charge of: Assisting the secretary of the Party Committee in managing the student affairs.

Name: Tian Jingsong
 Position: Vice dean
 In charge of: scientific research, student internship and practical training.

Name: Wang Huagang
 Position: Vice dean
 In charge of: Teaching work.

Introduction to School of Education

When mankind enters the era of globalization, intellectualization and informatization, the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation will be promoted by us, namely "if the country is to be prosperous, teachers must be respected; if the country is to decline, teachers will be disrespected ". The civilization is inherited due to education. Education carries on because of teachers. Education is the future and concern of the destiny of a nation. As people's teachers in future, we are determined to achieve "higher education, exemplary conduct, kind heart and positive action", uphold the democratic and scientific flag, set sail for innovative education, come down to earth, bear hardships and stand hard work,  act honestly and courageously and devote every effort.

I. Historical source: in 1992, Education Scientific Research Laboratory of Tongren Normal Junior College was established. In 2004, Education Science Department was founded to recruit the first batch of students. In 2011, Primary Education Department was incorporated into the Education Science Department. In 2013, Department of Preschool Education, Educational Technique Specialty of Department of Physics and Electronic Science was incorporated into Education Science Department. In 2014, it was renamed as Education Science School. In June 2016, it was renamed as School of Education. Currently, the School sets up Department of Basic Education, Department of Special Education and Teacher Education Research Center. Three teaching and research offices for preschool education, primary education and special education & psychology have such three research centers as Tongren Family Education, basic education and preschool education of Tongren University.

II. Training objective: aiming to cultivate the high-quality applied talents developing in an all-round way, i.e. normally, intellectually, physically and aestheticlly; having modern education concept; able to adapt to the needs of school education reform and development; having solid basic knowledge of cultural science and fundamental teaching skills; having the consciousness of innovation; and able to carry out education and teaching, scientific research and management.      

III. Major set-up: the School has such three undergraduate programs as primary education, special education and preschool education, and two specialties, such as psychological counseling and elementary education.

IV. Teaching staff: The School now has 68 full-time teachers, in which there are 4 professors, 24 associate professors, 34 lecturers, 6 teaching assistants, 6 doctors and doctoral candidates and 24 masters and postgraduates.

V. Class and activities: the School now has 33 teaching classes with more than 1,260 students. Under the guidance of "higher education, exemplary conduct, kind heart and positive action" policy, students' comprehensive quality is significantly improved.

Youth League general branch of the School of Education has consecutively awarded the honorary title of "May Fourth Red-banner Youth League General Branch". Moreover, in May 2011, the Youth League General Branch of the School of Education was awarded the honorary title of "Model of May Fourth Red-banner Youth League General Branch". In the activity of the third "5· 25" college students mental health week of the University, the School was awarded the second place of provincial "Excellent College Students Mental Health Education Activity". In 2011, students of the School participated in the first lesson explanation contest of the national high normal university's primary education teaching skills. They were awarded the first place, second place and third place in the contest and the collective "Best Organization Award". In the month of the 18th cultural activities on campus of the University, the School won the championship in the etiquette knowledge contest of "Welcoming the Ninth National Games, stressing civilization and fostering healthy tendencies", the first place in the speech contest of "The Culture of Incorruptness at Universities" and two first prizes in the college students essay competition of "Growing under the Party Flag".

In 2013, the students in our school attended the Knowledge Contest for Studying the Spirits of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China held by Tongren and win the first place. Subsequently, these students participated in the Knowledge Contest for Studying "Spirits of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China" organized in the province-wide on behalf of Tongren and won the second place. The students in our school have won the first place in the Campus Square Dancing Competition of the Fifth Student Association Culture Festival; and got the first prize in the Debate Competition of "New Campus and New Fashion". We have also won the first place in the appraisal of Construction of Study Style.

Meanwhile, our students have developed various activities with special features according to their own majors. The public benefit activity "World Autism Awareness Day" held by Special Education Major; the "Painting and Handcraft" exhibition organized by the Preschool Education Major; the basic skills training of "Three Kinds of Writings (Pen, Chalk and Calligraphy) and One Language (Mandarin)" developed by Primary Education Major and Elementary Education Major; the Courseware Making and Video Shooting Contest held by Educational Technique Major; and the "Intimate Sister" hotline opened by Psychological Consulting Major. These activities are highly praised by students.

To blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit, our school has established the College Library and the "Sunshine Station" psychology consulting room of secondary school and created the WeChat platform of "WeChat Teaching".

Our school encourages and supports the students to actively participate in social practice and social benefit activities. Student associations, classes and students walk into the institutes in Tongren including special education schools, welfare house and psychiatric hospitals to support the education and send condolences. Positively coordinate the activities developed by local government. The students participate in the large scale voluntary service "Tongren Chinese Dragon Boat Race (Bijiang•Tongren)" and the opening ceremony performance of " The 2nd Tongren Sports Meeting" .

VI. Teaching and scientific research: The School of Education  always pursues the idea of "Revitalizing the school based on teaching and scientific research" and regards  teaching and scientific research as the development center. It always devotes itself to improving teaching quality and developing qualified personnel. As for teaching, the teaching competence of all faculty is stronger, the overall teaching level of teachers is obvious to all and the teaching effects are good, which are widely praised by students over the years.

The "Scientific Research Team for Pedagogy-Vocational and Technical Education" represented by the president Hou Changlin (professor) wins the title of provincial supporting discipline, the dean Hong Yun (professor) obtains the third prize in the "8th Guizhou Teaching Achievement Award for Higher Education", the teacher Wang Xia wins the second prize in the liberal arts group of the 1st Young University Teachers' Teaching Skills Competition of Guizhou Province in 2012 and in 2013, the teachers Li Hongxia and Song Anning respectively win the second prize in the 3rd Young and Middle-Aged Teachers' Classroom Teaching Skills Competition held in the university and the School of Educational Science wins the first prize for the group.

n addition, the school possesses abundant scientific and research achievements and the dean Hong Yun (professor) publicizes the monograph The Classroom Ecology under the "Harmonious Concept of Harmony between Man and Nature" and the work written in collaboration with others Theoretical Study on Psychology in Modern Human Resources Management. In 2014, the assistant dean Tian Jingsong's (associate professor) Study on Group Strategy Pattern and Mechanism of Kindergarten of Guizhou Province won the title of Top Ten Tender Subjects for Guizhou Education Reform and Development Research. Long Hongxia's (associate professor) Study on Training Quality of Primary School Teachers with Bachelor Degree from Normal Schools in Guizhou also won the title of Top Ten Tender Subjects for Guizhou Education Reform and Development Research. Our teachers also edit or coedit 5 textbooks including Psychological Healthy Education of College Students, Pedagogy, Psychology, Teaching Courses and Teaching Theory on Primary School Mathematics and Fundamentals of Computer Application. In recent years, our teachers obtain the approval for 2 national research projects, over 30  provincial and ministerial-level projects, 26 prefecture-level projects and over school-level projects and publicize over 240 papers in which 11 papers are   recorded in SSCI, 10 papers are included in CSSCI and 68 papers are  recorded in Core Journal of PKU. They continuously win the second prize for group in the Scientific and Research Achievements of Tongren University.

VII. Internship and practice: On the basis of strengthening the education and teaching for the students, the School of Education also establishes 69 internship and practice bases like Tongren Special Education School, Tongren Experimental Primary School, Tongren Erwan Primary School, Tongren Southwest Psychiatric Hospital, Tongren Central Primary School of Dong Town, Tongren Experimental Kindergarten, Wujiang Art Kindergarten of Sinan County and Experimental Kindergarten of Jiangkou County, etc.