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School of Marxism
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 Name: Pi Kunqian
 Position: Dean
 In charge of: chairing administrative work, teaching, scientific research, financial works, personnel works and teaching staff construction entire School; chairing the dean's office meeting and taking charge of the administrative affairs of the General Department

Name: Yan Hua
 Position: CPC committee secretary
 In charge of: Be responsible for the CPC affairs

Name: Jiang Xiaohong

Position: Deputy secretary of CPC committee
 In charge of: assisting the secretary in work

Name: Xu Xingling
 Position: Vice dean
 In charge of: Teaching work

Profile of School of Marxism

School of Marxism of Tongren University, is the former Teaching & Research Office of Marxism and specialty of ideological & political education in Politics Department of Tongren Normal College. In 2006, upon approval by Ministry of Education, Tongren Normal College was upgraded to Tongren University, and former Teaching & Research Office of Marxism was renamed as Social Science Division of Tongren University. In 2015, Division of Social Science was renamed as School of Marxism. In 2016, School of Marxism was combined with the specialties of ideological & political education and Legal Secretary under School of Social Development, a new School of Marxism was established. The school has jurisdiction over Department of Ideological and Political Education as well as Teaching and Research Department of Ideological and Political Theories, i.e., Teaching and Research Department of Marxism Basic Principles Generality, Teaching and Research Department of Generality of Mao Zedong Thought and Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, as well as Teaching and Research Department of Ideological & Moral Cultivation and Law Basis.  

School of Marxism always upholds the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, follows the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory, important thought of  "Three Represents" and the concept of scientific development, publicizes spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with high political responsibility, conscientiously implements the requirement of including the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics in textbooks, classes and students' mind, always adheres to equal stress on teaching and scientific research, strives to improve effectiveness of ideological and political theory course teaching, strives to make university's ideological and political theory course an "truly beloved, lifelong benefiting and never forgotten" excellent course for college students, and makes contribution to cultivate qualified builders and reliable successors developing develop morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically for socialism with Chinese characteristics.

The school has 40 full-time teachers and 18 part-time teachers. Among full-time teachers, 5 have doctorate degree, 6 are doctoral candidates, 25 have master degree, 28 have senior professional post and 11 have intermediate professional post. 1 of them is provincial outstanding teacher, 1 is city-level outstanding teacher; 6 are university academic leaders, 4 are university middle and young aged academic backbones; 3 are part-time master tutors; 1 is municipal outstanding teacher, and 1 is visiting scholar of the "west light". The school have employed 6 guest professors and 7 off-campus part-time tutors. In addition, the school has 197 students majoring in Ideological and Political Education and 93 students majoring in Legal Secretary. The school is not only a teaching group featuring in excellent political quality, strong science research capability, excellent teaching effects as well as reasonable structure of educational background, title and age, but also a united, dedicated and diligent teaching department.

Teachers of the school have made significant achievements in scientific research since undergraduate courses were established, obtained over 50 scientific research projects at different levels, including 4 projects of The National Social Science Fund of China, 1 humanities and social sciences project of Ministry of Education, 3 youth projects of Guizhou provincial social science planning, 2 projects designated by provincial leaders, 1 project of Guizhou Provincial Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences, 5 ideological and political course projects of Guizhou Provincial Education Department, 10 self-financed projects of Guizhou Provincial Education Department, 1 humanities & social sciences authorized project of Provincial Education Department, 2 counselor projects of Provincial Education Department, 2 primary education projects of Education Department, 3 planning projects of Education Department, 19 school-level scientific research projects, and has published over 200 theses on journals above provincial level.

The teachers constantly focus on building teacher's ethics, practicing teacher's merit, forging teacher's spirit and establishing exemplary character. As a result, a group of provincial and municipal outstanding teachers have emerged in the school. Initial employment rate of graduates in all previous years is always over 90%. Graduates in this year have obvious advantage in passing postgraduate examination and civil servant exam, dozens of students are admitted to key domestic universities.

During the process of future development, the school will inherit and carry forward existing fine traditions, stick to the concept of "quality orientation, talent strategy, feature development" in accordance with the school-running principle of "teaching service oriented university" and general idea of "rising level, developing characteristic", gather strength and strive to realize spanning development in the development concept of "focusing on teaching quality, rising scientific research level, improving disciplinary level", and make due contribution to establishing Wuling University.