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 Position: Vice dean (chair work)
 In charge of: chairing administrative work of the School; leading preparation of plannings for teaching, scientific research, specialty setting, disciplinary building, lab building, teaching staff building and etc., and the semester work plan Be responsible for foreign affairs, comprehensive coordination, personnel arrangement and management of the General Department, allocation and review of funding, and organization of training and further education of teachers

Name: Cui Dehu

In charge of: charging overall CPC affairs of the School; be fully responsible for the CPC affairs, CPC building, student management,  Youth League general branch, unions and the ideological and political work of teaching and administrative staff and construction of a clean government, and presiding over the CPC affairs work meeting, in charge of work of labor union and Youth League general branch.

Name: Xie Yunzhong
 Position: CPC deputy secretary and vice dean
 In charge of: Assisting the dean and the secretary in work

Name: Zhang Jingzhou
 Position: Vice dean
 In charge of: Assisting the dean and the secretary in work