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Tongren University welcome 7 students from Ethiopia
UpdateTime:2017-10-25 20:27:44  Hits: 426

In October 6th ,7 foreign students from Ethiopia will have a year of Chinese learning in Tongren University .in depth understanding of Chinese culture,and feel the profound and unique charm of Chinese traditional culture.

At the same day, the International cooperation and exchange of teachers in our school in the Tongren train station waiting for their arrival. They train under the Chinese with a simple "hello", "thank you" warmly greeted everyone. After school, led by the relevant personnel to handle the relevant procedures, familiar with the campus environment, I feel the colorful school campus life.

It is reported that the number of Ethiopia students have entered the classroom learning, will learn Chinese culture courses, Chinese calligraphy, but also understand the visa and Tongren local customs and practices, open a new life overseas.

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(PublicityInternational cooperation and exchanges office / Picture by:zhang chaofei  / Audited by Ye Dan )