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Our campus organizes foreign students to stage cultural experience
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Our campus organizes foreign students to stage cultural experience


Recently ,IN order to enrich the spare life of foreign students and strengthen the relationship of teachers and students, which enrich  foreign students have more comprehensive understanding of Chinese culture, who  feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture, the support of the Municipal Tourism and Development Commission, the International and Cooperation Department of our university organized 125 students to go to Songtao Miaowang City, Yanhe  Lizhixia town, Ziwei town  and other places which carry out a three-day cultural experience activities,which achieved good results.

In the scenic area of Miaowang City, the foreign students watched the exquisite folk stuntts and enjoyed wonderful Miao songs , ample handicraft, who tasted the mellow Miao rice wine and so on.They also felt the rich and colorful Miao culture intimately, especially the local Miao costumes and handicraft for foreign students to fascinate. During the cultural experience , they traveled various scenic spots, praised the local natural and ecological beauty, historical and cultural landscape and Tujia cuisine, and took out mobile phones to record wonderful moments. The students also visited the Lagerstroemia Garden, Tuanlong, and Huguo Temple in the Western foot of Fanjing Mountain in Yinjiang Autonomous County. They felt the colorful Tujia culture and marveled at the tall and rare Lagerstroemia trees. They also visited Wenchang Pavilion and Yiren Academy in Yinjiang Middle School and held calligraphy and Taiji activities with their teachers and students.

The cultural experience activities,In which students   understand deeply  of Tongren local folk culture and customs, where experience the charm of Chinese culture. This is also a part of the entrance education for foreign students in our school. Foreign students leave the classroom and in which improve their Chinese proficiency unconsciously and the ability of communicating with local residents. It is of great significance to broaden their horizons, broaden their cultural knowledge and increase their motivation for learning.

(international cooperation and office /write  ChenQi /translate  Ye Dan / review