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Our school hold a mid autumn festival with a Mid Autumn Festival
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Our school hold a mid autumn festival with a Mid Autumn Festival

      In order to celebrate the annual Mid-Autumn Festival and promote Chinese traditional culture, on September 24, the Youth Environmental Protection Association sponsored the Mid-Autumn Festival, which was held on the second floor of the Dangui Restaurant.


Under the elaborate arrangement of the Youth Environmental Protection Association, the colorful balls of Dangui Restaurant fluttered around the dining hall with excitement and joy. There are many games for me to guess, grab a stool, step on a balloon, guess a lantern riddle and so on. The prizes are collected through the interactive cumulative points. At the beginning of the activity, the dining hall was crowded with people. The students were eager to try and interact with each other frequently. After four hours of game competition, points accumulated to select one, two, three prizes each, 10 outstanding prizes. The cafeteria also prepared moon cakes, fruits and other Mid-Autumn Festival gifts to the students on the scene, the campus filled with happiness."Thank you very much for the event, which has helped us feel warmer in this cold autumn, not to think twice about our family every festival, but to gradually integrate into the Tongren College family," said a 2018 freshman who participated in the event.


The Mid-Autumn Festival not only enriched the campus culture of the students, created a "happy and harmonious, positive and upward" campus atmosphere, but also let the students feel the warmth of the school family, reflects the school's "people-oriented" school philosophy, while deepening the students'understanding of national culture, and enhance the students.who Love for the motherland.


(Yang Qingman Li Mimi / Write  / Chen Qi / translate  Ye Dan / review)